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1) Raks at the Royalty 2006


Filmed at the historical Royalty Theatre in Clearwater, FL. "Raks at the Royalty" is an improvisational dance performance featuring some of today's most respected performers of this ancient art form. Done in conjuction with Ayoub Music, this compilation features 7 dancers' different interpretations of classically composed music whose beginnings has survived through the ages and is as rich as the traditional costumes worn by today's top bellydancers.


Directed by award winning producer/director Luka Dziubyna. The video aims at preserving the traditional beauty of Raks Sharki while introducing current styles and changing factions which have preserved this art form into the 21st century. Intermittent interviews, a feature on one performer, passionate and mesmerizing performances are sure to entertain even the most seasoned spectator of this beautiful art form.




Running Time: 80 Minutes
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2) Cradle to Cairo


Level I Portia shows you all the basic movements including isolations, hip drops, hip lifts, shimmies, circles, posture, and more. It is an excellent refresher for seasoned students and a great workout for both experienced dancers and new comers.

Level II Sevdiah teaches you a challenging, yet spicy, drum solo choreography to Bassam Ayoubs' Tabla Tamam. The choreography allows each student to progress through the challenging movements with modifications. This animated choreography will definitely captivate your audience.

Level III Nathalie finishes off with a classical Egyptian choreography that incorporates veil and the essential movements to complete a memorable performance. Plenty of intricate movements and combinations that will inspire the audience and leave them breathless.

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