Hire Sevdiah for Your Event Hire Sevdiah for Your Event

Sevdiah is booked for a variety of events. Read testimonials page, review videos, or come & see Sevdiah perform LIVE at her regular venues each week. Please book at least 3 wks in advance.

* Weddings
* Birthdays for all ages and genders
* Anniversary
* Corporate Events
* Theater Productions
* Cultural Event's/Celebrations/Ceremonies 
* Festivals
* Bridal/Baby showers 
* Holiday Parties 

To complete booking and save the date, contact Sevdiah for availability and then you may download the contract below after discussing details. A non-refundable deposit must be paid.

*Deposit may be paid in cash, money order, through Paypal, or personal check (checks only for deposits made 48 hours or more in advance to Sevdije Inc). 


You can download the performance contract by clicking the button below.



You can now pay the performance deposit online! Click the paypal button below.