Testimonials Testimonials

“You were amazing, 
beautiful and enchanting.”

Sergio & Poopak

"Sevdiah, Only the human eye can capture your beauty"

~King James Champion
January 2014
"When you combine the skillful arts of her trade with the amazing outgoing personality that shines from within, the end result is a fantastic performance that makes her audience beg for more. You simply can not lose having her perform at your next event."

Ricker Yankowski
January 2014

After more than 2 years training with Sev, I have a few things to share about this fantastic experience. When I started, I only knew that I wanted my body to be more toned, flexible and strong. I wasn't very coordinated and hadn't done any real exercise in a while, but I knew I better start sometime. I quickly fell in love with Pilates. I found that it took all the stress of the day, completely away and that by the way my body felt great. Sev was very patient with me to walk me through the exercises with encouragement and not to soon after, I found that I could do more and more advanced ones. As I continued with Sev, one of the things I found I admired most was her light and easy way of relaying to me the benefit of each exercise. This gave me understanding of what we were working on and therefore with my focus and dedication, what we could achieve. The difference between my health then and now, is night and day. Essentially, I found out that by doing Pilates, I am saving a ton of money on medical bills and looking and feeling better. I was an educator for 10 years and I am very picky about being educated/trained. Sevdiah is the best by far, when it comes to trainers. I am very lucky to have worked with her! 

~Laurie A. 
July 2014

After years of high impact exercises, my sanctuary from everyday stresses and muscle strengthening led me to Sevdije Lika for yoga, Pilates, and stretching. I found her classes forever changing as she customized them toward her students' issues that day carefully being compassionate of any weaknesses and building on strengths. This mindfulness of each student, brings me back time and time again as I am back living a healthy and active lifestyle. Sev will always be apart of this time I've set aside for myself. Her enthusiasm for being fit is aspiring. I come away challenged, inspired, yet calmed and restored.

You are a jewel,
~Lisa Boing
July 2014

Thank you so much. Everyone is still talking about your performance at our wedding. You were Flawless!

Aug 2014
You are mesmerizing when you dance Sevdije, art in motion. And you're such a beautiful woman even when just sitting still.

~Jamie W.
July 2014

Dear Sevdiah,  
I am so thankful for you coming to our home and putting on such a beautiful performance for me, my family, and friends.
You have an amazing gift. You turn what is already a beautiful art into an opportunity for bringing joy to others, as you did yesterday.
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and I wish you a wonderful 2014.

Take care,
January 2014
It was great to see you last night.
I am so excited about you becoming my personal pilates trainer.

See you soon,
Steve Gordon
December 2013

Teffy/Sevdije, What a great teacher!!!

The dance students of my 7am class were amazed, "wow"ed, worked out,
exhausted and bitten by the belly dancing bug. What a consumate professional!

The students have written about their experience for a journal exercise
and the overwhelming positive comments were fantastic! 
You have created new belly dancers!  

You have given certain girls a passion for something they never knew the could even perform.
Thanks for being so uplifting, positive, spunky, and a gorgeous, hot dancer!
Your attitude and spirit are so contagious that the teenagers are so fortunate to have experienced you!
The overwhelming feeling is "Come back!!!!"

Thanks again,
Kim Florio
March 2008

I am practicing your Tabla Talks choreography, I love it!!!
Can I put in a standing order to buy your instructional DVD's whenever you create them?
It's the next best thing to being able to live in Florida and take your classes.

Thanks again for rockin' it!
XO Sarah C.

Dear Sevdije,
Thank you so much for performing at our International Festival. Your performance was stunning.
Thank you for the DVD donation too. Your
performance was enjoyed by everyone.

Judith McDonald
Univ. of Tampa - 2007


Ok Sev,
You're DVD is totally coooooool!, and I am so very proud of you. Honestly, I did not watch
everyone's performance in whole, except yours - bravo!, and the behind the scenes stuff is great. I actually watched it on my friend Charlie's 50" Panasonic Plasma and it is definitely awesome. The filming is very professional, and so much better that most of the other stuff that's out there. Maybe if I work at Rakkasah this year...I'll buy a bunch from you to sell? Thanks for signing it. You're a hip chick, and I'm almost positive you'll be performing well into your 60's my dear.

Your fan,
David Emmons - 2/07


Sunday's workshop was wonderful--thank you for bringing Ahmet to Tampa. He is so charming and fun, and a great teacher. I bought 3 of his CDs and love the music. Thanks for including me in dinner; it was nice to be able to meet him before the workshop--your sister is adorable and it was a fun evening. I sincerely appreciate you as my teacher (you're the best) and that you have taken the time and trouble to bring Ahmet, Bozenka and Nourhan to show and teach us different styles and give us a better understanding of other cultures. You are truly an amazing woman and you have brought so much to my life. 

Barbara Bannon - 10/06


It’s a pleasure to be in your class. It’s a great opportunity for physical activity and for exploring my femininity, something I hadn’t expected. I can’t tell you the kick my boyfriend got out of the wink I gave him while practicing my veil dance this week. You make the class fun… thank you for teaching,

Shaw - 1/07


Sevdije: You are truly a wonderful person and your energy flows smoothly. Leighana did her belly flutter at the Olympia Saturday night and the crowd went wild. She danced from the new drum solo you gave her and it was
magnificent. I appreciate you sharing your gifts and talents with my daughter. She will remember you. Thank you so much. I'm sorry you live so far. Leighana and I want to come see you dance. I will check your website. Our connection with you was certainly beneficial. Once again, thank you,

Gina - 11/06


Hi Sevdiah,

I just wanted to thank you so much for performing at our wedding. You were a huge success and everyone loved you! I hope you had a good time too, and the young men weren't too animal-like for ya! Again, thank you so much and when we move there, we will come see you at the restaurant.

Take care,
Love Sarah & Malek
- 09/06